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LED Tube Light

Advantages of Enlighten Series LED Tube Lights :

  • Advanced Driver Technology for enhanced Luminaire life
  • Zero Air Gap LED Mounting assures thorough transfer of heat to the environment
  • Increases the Area of Illumination and reduces the number of Lights
  • Lighting and Surge protection embedded.
  • Modular Construction for easy maintenance.

Heat Sink:

Using new high-quality aluminium alloy with belt reflective design of the practical invention, and there is thicker with oxidation process for the surface.

Internal structure:

high thermal conductivity aluminium plate and radiator profiles ensure heat to be transpired out, fast cooling requirements for heat dissipation for a long lifespan

Circuit Brand:

High thermal conductivity, ensuring high-quality ALUMINIUM Plate LED HEAT RAPID TRANSFER

The lamp Base Design:

It adopts state utility model invention patent design,90 degrees angle of turning.The surfer material is with insulation oxidation process with flame retardant PC, nickel plating copper thick touch needle.It is the first design in China presently.

Power driver:

High-reliability driving power, the conversion, efficiency is more than 90%, the power factor is more than 95% and the THD is less than 10%.There is a short circuit, over voltage, high-temperature protection function.Light start without delay, no stroboscopic.Pollution-free power.

Power driver casing holder:

Using high temperature-resistant insulation, flame retardant PC material to ensure the safety.